Achilles Dilemma

26 February 2021

I’ve been thinking about something I call the Achilles Dilemma.

For those of you who aren’t that familiar with your ancient Greek mythology Achilles was a famous Greek Warrior who died in the battle of Troy.

But what’s important about his story is actually what happened prior to this.

He was uncertain about whether to stay for the battle or leave so he spoke to a fortune teller who told him “You can leave now, return home and you will find love and a family but be forgotten to the sands of time or you can join the battle tomorrow, die where you stand and be remembered throughout time for your strength and skill”.

I’ve been reflecting on this as the Achilles Dilemma, a choice between an easy and happy life or a challenging an impactful one.

I can think of friends I have who would argue that everyone should use their “one wild and precious life” to make the world a better place.

But I can also think of friends who think you should use your “one wild and precious life” to be a shard of the universe, experiencing and enjoying its own existence.

Without the challenge of achieving great things would the world be as satisfying? Without the joy of life would we have the motivation to make it a better place?

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