Probabilistic Reliability

28 May 2021

As the world has become more and more connected it’s allowed more people to become well known through podcasts, books and articles. This is great. A greater diversity of ideas is what it takes to make progress in the world.

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Scarcity Reflections

21 May 2021

A little while ago I got to experience data scarcity. My old housemate Derwent moving out and taking their router with them meant our house was briefly returned to the days of yore, from before the Wi’s and the Fi’s were plentiful.

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Connection Scaffolding

14 May 2021

Many friendships, indeed almost all relationships of different kinds rely on connection scaffolding.

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Great Gifts

07 May 2021

Birthdays are like opinions, everyone has them but not everyone shares them

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Support Levels

30 April 2021

One idea that I developed a while ago is that of support levels.

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Social Titration

23 April 2021

While talking to a friend recently they mentioned they were practicing social titration after the pandemic.

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Tremendous Time Sinks

16 April 2021

It’s always a challenge to identify which things you engage with be boring and which will be enjoyable, and, at the final level, which will totally consume you.

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Offers Not Obligations

09 April 2021

An idea I’ve been reflecting on a lot recently is that of Offers vs Obligations.

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Faux Funeral

02 April 2021

One of the things that made SYN both innovative and ephemeral is it’s age limit.

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Critical Connections

26 March 2021

I’m particularly looking forward to the vaccine rolling out simply because of how much I miss in-person interaction.

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Anki Antics

19 March 2021

One of the most powerful tools in my Toolbox is Anki.

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Synning In Style

12 March 2021

During 2008 I got a new phone.

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Goldblum Effect

05 March 2021

You were so caught up with whether or not you could you didn’t stop to think about whether you should

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Achilles Dilemma

26 February 2021

I’ve been thinking about something I call the Achilles Dilemma.

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Trivial For Some

19 February 2021

I won a Trivia night.

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Predictive Anxiety

12 February 2021

My friend Jalen recently told me about a new idea he’s implemented and I think it’s brilliant.

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01 June 2020

I’ve reflected on my time away from instant messaging and have decided to tentatively return.

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01 January 2017

I’ve decided to spend my time in 2017 focusing on what matters most to me, and that means spending more time in the moment and less distracted by my devices.

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