Social Titration

23 April 2021

While talking to a friend recently they mentioned they were practicing social titration after the pandemic.

Instead of trying to re-engage back as they did in the before times, they’re instead slowly returning back to regular social levels over a steady rate.

I actually think this is a really good strategy for most people. After extended time in lock down I think many people will have unconsciously adjusted their tolerance for social engagements per week, or acceptable crowd levels.

I’m hyper aware of my own sensitivity right now around crowds.

CoVID provides a great opportunity for us to be much more conscious about how we’re socially engaging and with who.

Below are some of the methods to consider if you’re considering social titration.

  • Catch up with people, but for a shorter time, stick to 1 hour lunches rather than 3 hour dinners, or a coffee catch up rather than a lunch. If all you can handle is a five minute walk between here and the end of the street then settle for what works.

  • Limit your proximity. You don’t have to do all your catch ups in person, you can do zooms, phone calls, text message convos or even old fashioned penpals. Just because the world is rushing back to in person doesn’t mean you have to. Each of these methods has their own challenges, but you want to make sure you’re considering each as a potential way you can request to socialize.

  • Consider the size of catchups. For some, catching up in smaller groups might be easier because it’s less likely to prompt a negative crowd response, but for others it might be better to go to larger events which dilute the responsibility of having to carry the conversation.

  • Finally, question whether you actually want to socialize in this situation at all, just because a person wants to socialize with you doesn’t obligate you to socialize with them. You can use this social reset as a great point to reflect on who really brings value to your life and preference them in terms how you want to occupy your time.

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