Faux Funeral

02 April 2021

One of the things that made SYN both innovative and ephemeral is it’s age limit.

Being a Youth radio station meant that you only had so many years.

Once you hit 26 you were officially retired from active volunteering.

This was unofficially referred to as SYN dying.

This would occasionally lead to overheard snippets of conversations having a very morbid spin. “Oh I’m dying soon”, “Oh I’ll be dead by then” “Wait! When did you die?”

While I was very saddened for my time at SYN to finish I did take the opportunity to embrace my dramatic side for my 26th birthday.

My 26th Birthday party was Funeral themed. Everyone was required to come in black tie, I had 2 eulogies, 1 from a close friend and one from a fake widow. It even culminated in my lying down and people saying their final words to me.

Overall it proved a fun and very symbolic way to say goodbye to such an important part of my life.

I think there are many times in which we celebrate the beginning of something, but it is rarer that we celebrate the end of something joyful.

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